Heuristic Kit

Heuristic Kit


This Heuristic Kit is designed to be explored by tamariki with the appropriate supervision of an adult. We trust that parents and educators know their children best, to be able to offer these loose part items with a balance of freedom to explore, and supervision for safety. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the safety of the items, compliance with the safety requirements will not, nor is it intended to, eliminate parental responsibility in the appropriate selection of toys. In addition, this part of ISO 8124 will not eliminate the need for parental supervision in situations where children of various ages may have access to the same toy(s).


What we're saying is... we've done what we can to make sure your heuristic kit is as safe as possible, but nothing compares to the supervision of a parent of cardgiver in ensuring our tamariki's safety. Keep your eyes on your little ones when they are exploring the items in this kit. 


Safe playing everyone!


*Item colours may vary from photograph.*